Aimee (queensmoot) wrote in closetedyouth,

Introductory Post

Hey, I'm Aimee, I'm sixteen and I'm from the Falkirk/Stirling area of Scotland (anyone else nearby?). I'm fairly certain I'm bisexual (no real experience with either sex, but I'm definitely sexually attracted to both: in fact, at the moment I'd say I'm more into women than men). I'm locked firmly in the closet for now, and I don't have any plans to come out for another few years. I'm finding it really difficult trying to keep this part of myself hidden though. Being able to be totally open about it in Livejournal is a relief.

I know my family would support me, they'd be surprised at first but they'd come around. My dad can be a little biphobic sometimes though, and I doubt he'd take me seriously at all if I came out at the age I am now. If I was lesbian I have no doubt he'd accept it, but I don't think he really believes in bisexuality. I don't know what my mum thinks, although I don't think she's homophobic or biphobic. They aren't what I'm worried about though, it's more people my own age I'd be afraid to come out to.

I was thinking about it the other day, and (offline) I know quite a few 'out' gay/bi boys of my own age, but no girls. Why do you guys think that is? Are girls more insecure, or is there more of a stigma, or something?
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