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Hi!I'm Yumi!

I'm thinking recently things happened to me.

a few days ago,i heard the news that my cousin engaged american guy.
so we had dinner together with them.
that time...of course their parents asked about me.."how about your bf"
so i'm thiking that...from now..these chance will be getting increase...
if I getting older...they wonder about my relationship or marriage.
and asked why you don't have bf or why you don't get married.
it is very hard for me. everytime..i have to say "no" or..i have to say some reasons..!
anyway...they looked very happy.
I feel like..I'm soo lonely.
if i go outside, I can only see couples. it makes me sad too.
usually,there is many dating way if you are straight.
but we only have a few way. on the internet or go to bar?
i want to meet more natural way or other way...but we can't.

I wonder when i can have such happy...
when i can celebrate from others like that.
maybe it wouldn't come...
but anyway...that day..it makes think alot about my future...
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