Steph (evil_caffine) wrote in closetedyouth,

Intro post ^^

Hiyerr, I'm Steph, from Englanddd & 17 next month.
After labelling myself bisexual for 2 years, I've finally discovered I'm a lesbian.

My family hasn't a clue (my mum is always complaining that I don't bring my 'boyfriends' home to meet her. I wonder why....? lol)
About half a dozen of my friends know though. On New Year;s Day I told two more of my friends.

One knew before I even told her and she was really supportive. When I thanked her for not being weird with me and for not saying I was disgusting she said 'Of course you're not! What gave you that idea?' as if she was shocked that anyone could have a problem with it. 

My other friend thought I was kidding at first. I had to just sit there for about half an hour convincing her I was being honest. Her reaction was also better than I could have hoped for and she just said she didn't mind because it doesnt change who I am. 

Since then, my sexuality hasnt even been mentioned- its not a big deal to them which is great :D

But I'm in (6th form) college so am staying firmly in the closet for a while yet. 
Why? Because I dont want to be seen by people as 'the lesbian in year 12'- I do have a personality. I want people to get to know me for who I am rather than who I'm attracted to. Does that make sense? 

Anyways, this has turned  into a bit of an essay lol. Whoops ;D Anyone who wants to chat, feel free to message me :) 


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