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In the Closet

It's so dark and safe in here...

In The Closet
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This community is for all young people who are in the closet, for one reason or another, in real life.
All kinds of discussion concerning sexuality, coming out, worries, relationships, friendships, gay literature and films is allowed.
As long as it somehow affects lgbt youth, it can be posted.

Terms Of Use
1. Absolutely no flaming by/to members.
2. Any post deemed unacceptable by moderator will be deleted.
3. All topics of discussion are allowed.
4. Open mindedness is a prerequisite.
5. LJ cuts should be used on longer posts for the sake of flists.
6. No advertising other communities without permission from the moderator. (ljcloseted@hotmail.com)
7. Members? If you want to talk to someone, add ljcloseted@hotmail.com to your MSN list.

ninepointfive just so happens to be the Mod, and she doesn't like NetSpeak at ALL.. So beware ;o)

New members! Please post a introduction! We don't bite!